Server Verification



Official Update Message

Verifying Your Server


We reserve the right to deny your server, while you follow all the requirements.

You can apply for verification on our server list website

  • The user verifying must own the server.

  • You must have at least 500 members.

  • You have configured the bot properly

  • Must not be NSFW based.

    • You can only have one NSFW channel.

    • The NSFW channel must be hidden behind a role.

  • Must follow Discord's Terms of Service and Guidelines.

  • Must have a good staff team.

  • Invite rewards is a no.

  • Server description must not promote invite rewards or NSFW based things.

  • Server verification must be set to medium.

  • Has an active community.

  • 50 messages/ week.

  • At least 10% of all members must be online often.

  • Has a welcome, rules, and announcements channel.

  • Decent rules.

Rewards of Verifying.

  • Special Verified Server Owner role on our server.

  • Special channel only for verified server owners.

  • Special badge in your advertisement.

I've Read The Requirements, What Now?

Once you understand and have read the requirements, you can verify your server.