Using The Store



Shows all the available things you can buy with Bump Coins.

buy <item>

Buy an item from the store.


Checks your amount of Bump Coins.

giftcoins <user> <amount>

Donate Bump Coins.

Using The Store

Getting Bump Coins

Here are all the available methods of getting Bump Coins:



1 BC

Bumping your server.


Bump Coin gifting

How do I gift Bump Coins?

Gifting yourself bump coins will only make you lose coins. Don't try it.

A user can gift Bump Coins to a different user by using ~giftcoins <user mention> <amount>.

Viewing The Items And Buying Them

To view all available items, run ~store. This shows the price and descriptions of each item. Check to see if you can buy an item first by running ~balance or looking at the top of the store. This shows your balance. If you have the balance, and you want to buy an item you like, run ~buy <item>. You'll get that item, until it expires.